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Grid Collective So Many Options 2017

So many options...

The second Grid Collective exhibition took place in The Wine Library in Dun Laoghaire in November 2017. Here is the text from the accompanying booklet.

“What’s the difference between enjoying art and wine? Well, actually, not that much. In both cases, there is a huge variety to choose from, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary and quirky. In both cases, there are classes to develop your appreciation, and numerous books and a myriad of critics to inform and advise. But, again in both cases, at the end of the day it comes down to what you like.

Art and wine are both on view during this exhibition. The eclectic nature of Dermot Nolan MW’s selection of wines is mirrored in the multidisciplinary work of Grid Collective, and its guest artist, Janet Petitpierre, from Switzerland. With two visual artists, a photographer, a 3D artist and film-maker, and a guest print-maker, So many options… offers the viewer nearly as many ‘varietals’ as Nolan’s shelves. Taking Dun Laoghaire as their starting point, each of the five artists has used offcuts from the construction of the shop, which opened in July 2017, as an element in their work, albeit in very different ways. And as part of its commitment to collaboration, the Grid members have also created a collective piece. This exhibition, like The Wine Library, offers options aplenty!”

Guest Artist Janet Petitpierre

monoprint — line — paper — abstraction

After several years as a graphic designer, Janet Petitpierre has returned to her passion of printmaking, working in monoprint, chiné-collé and photogravure. Petitpierre is a member of le Centre genevois de gravure contemporaine (CGGC) and was the first guest artist of the Grid Collective.

Grid Collective So Many Options 2017

The Wine Library had a very adaptable space for an exhibition.

Grid Collective So Many Options 2017

As always, we spent a lot of time working out the best display options.

Grid Collective So Many Options 2017

The space filled up quickly with guests on the opening night.

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